Maybe Not Today

by Natalie Joy Dinsfriend

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This song has themes of forgiveness, self-reflection, personal responsibility, and disallowing the kind of negative thinking that can affect our mental health


Gotta make these bad feelings go away/gotta make these bad feelings go away/do they make stronger?/do they make me smarter?/I don't think so, not today/ gotta get rid of these thoughts in my brain/gotta get rid of these thoughts in my brain/do they give me happiness?/do they give me hope and rest?/I don't think so, not today/but how do I solve my problems?/not by sweeping them under a rug/I know enough psychology not to bottle things up/but who do I tell them to?/just any listening ear?/or should I share a prayer with a god so near and dear?/In theory I have the closest of friends/but at the end of the day I make music instead/found an old letter that you wrote/the words they stung like they did years ago/your point was minuscule/your words were hardly cruel/but I had to find forgiveness all over again/could I say that my heart was broken?/or was I just naive?/was it my ego moping after wearing my heart on my sleeve?/I've always held life with an open hand/at least I intended to/but I think I understand now/that I did everything wrong and so did you/I'm letting go of these bad feelings and I hope you do too


released September 7, 2016
Ukulele and vocal: Natalie Dinsfriend

Recorded by Dan Tarbill




Natalie Joy Dinsfriend Eugene, Oregon

Natalie Dinsfriend is a singer-songwriter who incorporates lilting melodies and a lyrical craftsmanship. She usually accompanies herself with piano or ukulele, and often includes violin, mandolin, guitar or drumset played by her husband, Jonathan Dinsfriend. Natalie currently lives in the Los Angeles area to further pursue her passion for songwriting and performing. ... more

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