Thank You (Keep Me)

by Natalie Joy Dinsfriend

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I've never been blind and I've never been dumb
I've never excused my mistakes for "being young"
I've never required proof, even in the wild of youth
On every word of yours I've hung

But I've gone through bouts of fears
Struggled with doubts for years
But I can't say my pride didn't keep me there

But here is where you keep me and I don't have words big enough
To say how thankful I've become for your love

I've always been the "wise" one
And I've always sacrificed some of myself so others could gain
I've always been the "strong" one, the admitting-I-was-wrong one
But I can't say I haven't tasted pain

But the pain, while it cleaves, only proves when it leaves
That my human heart still believes

In You, and the way that you keep me when I don't have words big enough
To say how thankful I've become for your love


released November 16, 2015




Natalie Joy Dinsfriend Eugene, Oregon

Natalie Dinsfriend is a singer-songwriter who incorporates lilting melodies and a lyrical craftsmanship. She usually accompanies herself with piano or ukulele, and often includes violin, mandolin, guitar or drumset played by her husband, Jonathan Dinsfriend. Natalie currently lives in the Los Angeles area to further pursue her passion for songwriting and performing. ... more

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